Mr. Dave Warman

Mr. Dave Warman is a highly experienced professional with 40 years of expertise in the pipeline industry. He has a diverse background in pipeline operations, maintenance, integrity, risk analysis, project management, permitting, design, construction, and environmental compliance. He has successfully managed the Pipeline Integrity Engineering and ILI Analysis Group for a vast network of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines. Mr. Warman’s areas of specialization include developing and implementing integrity management plans for various types of pipeline issues such as SCC, fatigue cracking, gouges, deformation, metal loss, and bend strain. He has played a significant role in developing methodologies and utilizing advanced assessment techniques for crack-like features, including SCC. With his extensive knowledge, he has assessed thousands of miles of pipelines using various inspection methods. Additionally, Mr. Warman has been involved in industry committees and played a pivotal role in the initial development of EMAT technology.