Ms. Sheri Baucom

With over a decade of experience in pipeline integrity within the oil and gas industry, Sheri Baucom has had the privilege of taking on diverse roles that have enriched her expertise: As the Director of Business Development at an ILI service provider, she devised strategic business development initiatives and played a pivotal role as a technical advisor, contributing to the development of innovative ILI technology. During her tenure as the Director of Integrity Services at RCP, some of her notable accomplishments include spearheading the development of TestOp, RCP’s pressure test validation application, and educating operators on pressure test best practices. She also established and helped manage ILI programs for multiple operators. Her journey in the industry began at Williams Gas Pipeline, where she managed the ILI program for the Atlanta Division, which covers thousands of miles of transmission pipeline with 100+ inline inspections, resulting in over 2,000 anomaly digs. In addition to her professional experience, she’s been an active participant in industry associations such as PRCI, ASME, and YPP, and shared her expertise at conferences like API, AGA, and PPIM.