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Mega Rule #1: Gas Transmission Regulation
Deep Dive Workshop

Full Course

There is a lot to unpack with this rule. This workshop will not only dive deep into the rule requirements and some of its nuances; there will also be several practical and interactive exercises for the audience to perform, ensuring they come away knowledgeable not only with “what” is required, but also “how” to conduct certain analyses that are new to the gas transmission pipeline regulations. These exercises will include how to conduct an Engineering Critical Assessment, how to calculate the estimated remaining life of your pipelines, how to develop material sampling plans, how to determine TVC records and extract the required data for validated MAOP calculations, and how to plan and execute a spike test.

This workshop is entirely digitized, offering participants the flexibility and freedom to watch a presentation video or read through the material at their own pace, submit questions, and test their knowledge with short quizzes throughout. Also, participants can watch the recorded live Q&A sessions or request a live Q&A session as a group.

A La Carte

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