About Us

About Us

Training Done Right!

Welcome to the Pipeline Safety Institute – your one-stop destination for understanding pipeline compliance. Whether you are new to the industry, an experienced oil & gas professional that needs a refresher, or you want to take a deep dive into the latest regulation changes, you have come to the right place.

Training topics cover pipeline operations and engineering concepts, with future course offerings for Integrity Management programs, including ILI, material testing, fitting and component selection, and qualifying welders. Our curriculum continues to grow to meet the changes and challenges in the energy industry.

The Pipeline Safety Institute has a team of experienced instructors and subject matter experts from all disciplines. With over 25 years of training experience, we are committed to providing the best pipeline safety training in the industry.

Online Training

Our online training has been built from the ground up to make the most use of the virtual learning environment. Training material is organized into 5-20 minute* bite-sized topics and is available in a format that allows students to view them in any order and at any time. Topics include a video, presentation slides, and external reference links. At the close of each lesson is a short quiz. Post your questions, work through example problems, and review the quizzes.

Check out our online
training introduction video.

Check out our online
training introduction video.

Students will be able to browse the material in the manner that best suits their learning style. They can choose to watch all the topic videos, click through the slides to skip topics they already know, browse through the reference materials and links, or a combination of all those things. They can spend more time on topics of bigger interest and skip the ones they don’t need to review (a liquid transmission operator probably isn’t interested in gas distribution topics).

On-Site Customized Training

Let us bring the instructor to you. On-site training is a great answer for groups, especially when compared with the cost (including travel) for everyone to attend the public workshop.

Customized workshops for companies with groups of five or more can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Receive customized content developed to address areas most integral to your operations.
  • Ensure all participating employees have the same understanding of the rules and regulations that impact your operations.
  • Enable you to engage in Q&A sessions on events specific to your operations.
  • Capitalize on the opportunity to reduce the cost per employee significantly.
  • Choose the information that is right for you, ranging from half-day refreshers to full 3-to-4-day sessions.

On-Site Training Request

We have conducted on-site training for oil and gas companies for over 25 years and can provide customized workshops for companies with groups of five or more.