TestOp User Training


TestOp User Training

How to register

TestOp training varies depending on your access level and the pipeline operator you are working for. Please email us at TestOpSupport@rcp.com and we will send you the right training registration link.

How training works

TestOp User training is online and automated. You can take it in your own time.

The training consists of 2 parts. Part 1 covers essential TestOp requirements. Part 2 includes actual practice of the TestOp application.

When to register

You should register for training at least 1 week prior to the date of your pressure test.

We will send you the link to the training within 2 business days after registration.

Time to complete TestOp training varies depending on your past experience with pressure testing and TestOp. Most people take between 3-4 hours.

After you successfully complete the training, we will send you your TestOp account login information within 2 business days.

Training costs

Employees of TestOp license-holders: free

Contractors/others: $250 per person

How long is my training valid for?

Your TestOp account will expire after 6 months of inactivity. To remain active, you must act as Test Designer, Tester, or Test Approver in TestOp before your 6-month period is over.

If your account has expired, you will need to retake the training in order to regain access.