Corrosion is a significant threat to the integrity and safety of pipelines transporting both gas and liquid substances. In this comprehensive course, participants will delve into essential topics related to corrosion control, including regulatory requirements, preventive measures, and problem-solving techniques.

Covering Subpart I for Gas and Subpart H for Liquid, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework governing corrosion control in pipeline operations. From external corrosion control methods to internal corrosion mitigation strategies, this course equips learners with the knowledge needed to ensure compliance and protect pipeline infrastructure.

Key Topics Include:

  • External Corrosion Control
  • Cathodic Protection Basics
  • Cathodic Protection Problems and Solutions
  • External Corrosion Control Regulatory Requirements
  • Internal Corrosion Control
  • Internal Corrosion Control Regulatory Requirements
  • Other Types of Corrosion
  • Additional Corrosion Control Requirements
  • Evaluation of Metal Loss
  • PHMSA Guidance

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate