Management of Circumferential Cracks

Shreyas Rajashekhara · July 13, 2023

Join us for an insightful live webinar on managing circumferential cracks (CC) in pipelines, focusing specifically on circumferential stress corrosion cracks (C-SCC) and girth weld anomalies for different vintage of pipelines. Discuss the unique challenges associated with their management. Explore the differences between C-SCC and axially-oriented SCC (A-SCC), including distinct sources and magnitudes of stresses involved. Enhance your understanding of risk reduction strategies and effective approaches to manage circumferential cracks in accordance with industry regulations and best practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and improve your skills in circumferential crack management. Register now!

*Webinar offered by CRES and PSI Jointly


October 26, 2023 | 2 – 3 PM, CST


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